Adomne Team

Adomne Ltd. Novi Sad team consists of engineers from different professions, among which are planners, urban planners and designers with the license no. 100, 201, 300, 315, 370, 411, 412, 450 and 470 issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, with years of experience in the planning and designing environments, including field work.

We are specialized in making all kinds of projects, traffic and traffic signalization, for which we possess a valid state permit (“high license”) P131S1 for the preparation and development of technical documentation for the building sites for which a permit issued by the Ministry in charge for construction, traffic and infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia is needed.

We were holders or participants in a large number of projects and professional events at home and abroad, among which those in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg and the Congo.

Members of our team are also members of a large number of local and international organizations, such as:

  • Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia;
  • Serbian Chamber of Engineers;
  • European Concept for Accessibility -EuCAN, Luxembourg;
  • Foundation Design for All, Barcelona, Spain.

As members of the national establishments, we participated in the work of a large number of professional teams and groups:

  • Institute for Standardization of Serbia - Commission for the standards in the field of traffic signalization on roads and temporary road equipment;
  • Ministry of Construction, traffic and infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Engineers – working on preparation of regulation of traffic signalization, regulation about the method of regulating traffic in the zone of works and regulation of technical standards of accessibility.
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