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In our work so far we have developed a significant number of design-technical documents, traffic studies, surveys and reports, for several hundreds of clients and investors.

Technical traffic regulation designs

Technical traffic regulation is one of our most significant, complex and extensive work segments. During the development of these designs all the existing shortcomings with signage are considered on a specific road network and the appropriate solutions are provided which should contribute to general improvement of traffic safety.


Designs of particular importance are the ones we developed for the towns of: Subotica, Kanjiža, Žabalj, Maglić, Kula, Kladovo, Vršac, Užice, Vranje, Niš, Stara Pazova, Topola, Kikinda, Mali Iđoš, Pirot, Bela Palanka, Vladičin Han, Novi Sad, Inđija, Vrbas, Niš, Bajina Bašta, Bela Palanka, Odžaci, Priboj, Raška, Bački Petrovac, Kragujevac, Boljevac, Lajkovac, Ivanjica, Ruma and others.


Road safety inspections and audits as independent, formal and systematic inspections of the elements on the existing road (RSI) or road design (RSA) from the aspect of traffic safety, represents a significant segment of our work.


For various investors such as: PE Roads of Serbia, Corridors of Serbia, Strabag Belgrade, OMV Serbia and others, ADOMNE has, so far, produced a large number of road safety inspections and revisions for more than 500km of road network.

Supervision assignments for traffic signage and equipment

The employed personnel conducts the expert supervision over the execution of works in traffic such as: placing traffic signage during the reconstruction, rehabilitation or construction of new roads, variable message signs, tourist traffic signage, traffic lights at intersections, installation of video surveillance systems and/or the like.


We particularly single out the expert supervision work for traffic and traffic signage on the construction of a Belgrade bypass on the motorway E70/E75, section: Bridge across the Sava River near Ostružnica – Bubanj Potok (sectors 4, 5 and 6), Motorway E-763, section Preljina-Požega and a new road Ruma-Šabac-Loznica, the Investor of which was Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia.


Thanks to the fact that ADOMNE holds the grand licence P131G2, we develop all kinds of road designs, in all their phases (Conceptual design (COD), Preliminary design (PD), Construction permit design (CPD), Construction design (CD) and As-built design (ABD)).


We particularly highlight the roundabout designs in Ruma, Sombor, Pančevo, Stara Pazova, but also designs of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the sections on the state roads Irig -Ruma and Aljinovići-Sjenica.


The design documentation for equipping intersections with light signals or the video surveillance system, includes several different segments necessary for the contractors for successful installation of these devices, starting from the civil engineering, through electrical all the way to the traffic design, including designs of temporary signage during the execution of works on placing them.


Based on the designs we developed, traffic lights are place in the towns and municipalities like: Ada, Lazarevo, Bački Petrovac, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Novi Kneževac, Šimanovci, Laćarak, Bečej, Loznica, Novo Miloševo, Rakovac, Temerin, Vrbas, Senta, Uljma, Pančevo, Užice and others.

Video surveillance systems with automatic licence plate recognition and detection of traffic violations, were placed, based on our designs, in Niš, Smederevo, Stara Pazova, Ruski Krstur and other locations.


Development of designs of variable message signs includes the application of innovative solutions, LED displays and appropriate management systems, the aim of which is general improvement in traffic safety.


Variable message traffic signage has been placed based on our designs in towns and municipalities such as: Novi Sad, Inđija, Stara Pazova, Aleksandrovac, Topola, Opovo, Raška, Kraljevo and others.

In cooperation with partners, we completed projects for marking pedestrian crossings using light (with the notification of drivers about the presence of pedestrians near the pedestrian crossings), on several dozens of locations on the territory of the City of Novi Sad.


By developing tourism traffic signage as a secondary traffic signage, including touristic cycling routes, we contribute to larger visibility of touristic attractions but also general development of the touristic sector on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Tourism traffic signage based on the designes completed by ADOMNE has been placed throughout Serbia, in several dozens of towns and municipalities, but also in larger touristic regions.


Our particular emphasis is on designs created for: Pančevo, Majdanpek, Vršac, Lepenski vir, Golubac fortress (complex), Kovačica, Vrbas, Sombor, Bački Petrovac, Vrnjačka Banja, Aranđelovac, Loznica, Raška, Zlatibor, Stara Pazova but also for wider touristic areas such as the Rasina, Pomoravlje, Šumadija districts, Upper and Lower Podunavlje, Fruška gora, Podrinje and others.


We have highly qualified personnel for the development of almost all types of traffic studies and surveys, and particularly in the areas such as traffic planning, regulation and safety.


In our work so far, we have developed a number of studies relating to: analysis of children's safety in the zones of preschool and school institutions, collection of traffic data and development of the traffic system strategy, increasing accessibility of public surfaces and public transport from the aspect of traffic safety, defining the work of pedestrian traffic lights, introducing the system for determining the availability of parking spots at taxi stands, introduction of a system of surveillance cameras for monitoring traffic violations, improving mobility based on cycling traffic, traffic safety in roundabouts, analysis of participation of disabled people in traffic, accessibility of traffic surfaces, various traffic safety analyses and others.


A large number of studies and surveys has been developed regarding the application of technical standards of accessibility on the roads and/or structures which are of particular importance for people with disability.


Studies and surveys have been prepared for the needs of a larger number of investors, such as cities Novi Sad, Subotica, Užice, Valjevo, Municipalities Inđija, Raška, Čajetina, or organizations, like Unicef Srbija, the Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities – the Union of Cities and Municipalities of Serbia in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), DVP Valjevo, Primary music school Josip Slavenski Novi Sad, Organization Iz Kruga Vojvodina and others.


For the needs of a larger number of companies, we have developed several dozens of traffic signage designs on internal roads (within factory complexes, stations and warehouses).


We are particularly pinpointing the designs made for PE Elektromreže Srbije, Bambi Požarevac, Draxlmaier Zrenjanin, Bekament Aranđelovac, Lidl Srbija and others.


Particular attention is paid to the ever-increasing requests for the development of design-technical documentation within parking garages of business and residential buildings.


We highlight the signage designs developed for the business premises such as: Pupin’s palace, Kraljev park (King’s park), Kej garden, Avenija I, Avenija II in Novi Sad, New Minel in Belgrade, Tito’s villa on Zlatibor and others.